Well-adjusted, very social

Kenji is well-adjusted, very social, and healthy. These guys have done a wonderful job raising these dogs and the care, time and effort put in is evident.

Professionalism with warmness

We had a wonderful experience adopting Tinkerbell from Texas Chic Shibas. The owners are very knowledgeable, thorough, and readily available for any questions you may have. We were very impressed with how they balance professionalism with warmness and the comforting feeling that you’re buying from loving Shiba parents and not a breeder specifically. Knowing that they were raised in their home made our choice easy as we know Tinkerbell will adapt to our home much easier. Thank you so much for making this a wonderful experience and being great parents to Tinkerbell as you prepared her for the world. We can’t wait to raise Tinkerbell with our newborn so they can be lifelong friends

Knowledgeable and readily available

Texas Chic Shibas made adding an addition to my family a seamless process. The owner is knowledgeable and readily available for any questions you have before adopting your pup. My sweet Nori is healthy as can be and very energetic. I’m even considering about getting another pup through Texas Chic Shibas too! You’re able to have a meet and greet with your potential pup to see if there’s a match, records and documents are provided once adopted, and to top it off your able to meet your pups parents!

Smart, playful, sweet, and loves people

Our little puppy Buffy is the perfect addition to our family. We are so impressed with how well adjusted she is, smart, playful, sweet, and loves people. She is a confident little girl from a wonderful family....We couldn't be more impressed with Texas Chic Shibas and their owner. Perfect experience.

Personalities really shined

Best experience ever! They are so caring and understanding, this is our first ever puppy and they helped with all the questions I had. Our little one was the runt of the litter and he has been fantastic! I met all the puppies before when choosing and it was such a hard choice! All are wonderfully temperamental and their personalities really shined. We were not able to pick up our little one til 10 weeks old and they were great about sending “puppy pictures and video updates!” Truly recommend!

So knowledgeable

They’re such great parents and so knowledgeable about this breed! I was a bit needy wanting to know every bit about our little puppy and there was no hesitation to include us to show us plenty of pictures and videos. She’s a good girl and I can’t wait to share so many memories with her!

The most social pup

We love our little guy Fox! We take him everywhere and he’s the most social pup! His temperament is very relaxed and chill. He was great with our new born, when we travel, and when we have company!

Just wants to be everyone's friend

I put us in some puppy classes so he can get used to being around other dogs and people, it was 6 weeks and so much fun! He loves people and other dogs, he never barks or anything, he just wants to be everyone's friend

The best temperament of any dog

Truly Winnie has the best temperament of any dog I've had before. We love her so much and if we ever decide to add a 3rd shiba to the family we will be back! We are taking our first long road trip with Winnie. We're in an RV and Winnie just wants to snuggle and protect our son. Never had a shiba that bonded to a child so strongly. She is the best.

So eager to please

She just loves to be snuggled! I'm amazed at how gentle she is with the baby, she's still prone to mouthing a little bit with Chrissy and I, and she'll nip at Lucas' feet or butt if he's crawling and she wants to play, but so gentle. She finally knows not to greet him by coming right up in his face and licking him because he doesn't love it. She's just so eager to please--if I'm working, just wants to curl up and lay on my feet.

Strongly considering a second puppy

She’s more of a dog than I hoped, I was told Shibas were cat-like. She lays around everywhere, owns every spot! And brings her toys everywhere. I'm strongly considering a second puppy!!!