Picture Gallery

Drakon,12 weeks

Phoenix, 8 weeks

Lotus, 12 weeks

Katana, 8 weeks

Phoenix, 12 weeks

Lotus, 12 weeks

Katana, 12 weeks




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Drakon & Baby Nori

Phoenix & Baby Oreo

Drakon & Lotus

Drakon & Baby Kebin

Phoenix & Baby Mochi

Drakon & Phoenix




Easter Babies! (Lotus' Litter)

Phoenix' Litter

Phonix' Litter

Lotus' Litter

Phoenix' Litter

Bath time with Drakon, he is thrilled

She might not look it, but Phoenix loves a bubble bath

Our water bug, Lotus, thinks baths are playtime

Partial Drakon coat blowout

Partial Phoenix coat blowout

Teaching everyone respecting space

The pack

Breaking in the new bed

Drakon loves his girls

Their favorite spot on the couch

Typical playtime

Sweet cuddles with Lotus and Drakon

Always caught cuddling, Lotus and Drakon

Enjoying the evening, Lotus and Drakon

How is this even comfortable, Lotus?

Spring time posing, Lotus and Drakon

Christmas card 2017, Phoenix, Bear, Drakon

Showing off their new collars, Phoenix and Drakon

Bonding time Phoenix and Drakon

Drakon with Lotus' litter

Drakon with Lotus' litter

Kebin being cute, Lotus' Litter

Phoenix 3rd birthday photoshoot

Morning coffee cuddles with Drakon

Phoenix toe beans

Sweet Nori, Phoenix' Litter

Phoenix' Litter

Baby Kenji, Phoenix' litter

Phoenix' Litter

Baby polar pup toes

Kebin's excited to meet our awesome vet crew, Lotus' litter

Funny little Nori, Lotus' Litter

Waiting on Dr Matak!

Someone is coming!

Everyone loves our pups <3

Come back!

Stella using Drakon's soft tail as a pillow

Shinji climbing on top of the dog pile

Drakon and all his babes

Sweet Drakon cuddles with Kenji

Phoenix' Litter

Shinji begging for one more lick

Coco wondering why Aunt Lotus is not in the nursery

Nori wanting coffee cuddles

Mom life, Phoenix and Oreo

Mom life, Phoenix' litter

Introducing Lotus to Phoenix, first night home


Winter naps with the whole pack

That time Houston got snow, Drakon

Phoenix just loves her babies

Phoenix and her puppy pinwheel

Mom life is ruff, Phoenix

Sup? Katsuki, Phoenix' litter

Phoenix' litter

Greeting Aunt Lotus with her mighty growl

Sleeping baby, Phoenix' litter

Modeling day, Phoenix

Out on the town, JK Subaru, Phoenix

Out on the town, at a local quilting shop, Phoenix

Luna's first exploration of the yard, Lotus' Litter

Baby Kebin being all sweet, Lotus' litter

Drakon on modeling day

Ready to play, Nori, Lotus' litter

Such a caring momma, Lotus

Hi baby, Nori, Lotus' litter

To early! Baby Luna, Lotus' litter

Getting the nursery ready, Lotus

Lotus' proud momma moment with her litter

Lotus' litter

Lotus' litter

Lotus' litter

Lotus' Litter

Lotus' litter

Sweet Kia, Lotus' litter

Bold Champ, Lotus' litter

Champ, Lotus' litter, found the best hiding place

Funny Rem, just loves cuddles, Lotus' litter

Drakon, why did the pets stop?

Foxy Lotus

Everyone loves their Uncle Bear

Soba, all proud of stealing Uncle Bear's bed, Phoenix' litter

Drakon makes such a good cuddler

Phoenix; litter

Shinji, barking at dragonflies, Phoenix' litter

Phoenix' litter

Phoenix' litter

Our amazing veterinarian staff at the Winnie Vet Clinic.

Katie, Dr. Matak, & Phoung

Ultra sounds!

Exam! Dr Matak


Katana's favorite summer hang out, the water bowl

Sweet Katana

Katana, 6 months old

Katana & Phoenix headed to their annual shots & visit their favorite vet clinic family